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Advanced Female Teams

- 2:00 AMRAP: 65# Hang Snatch
- 2:00 AMRAP: Double Unders
- 2:00 AMRAP: Chest to Bar Pullups
- 2:00 AMRAP: Double Unders
- 2:00 AMRAP: 65# Hang Snatch

 - Hang Snatch: Rep starts from a standing position with barbell below the waist. Rep is completed when the barbell is locked out over the shoulders, hip and knees extended. Athlete must control the barbell to the waist when dropping.
- Double Under: Feet cannot land on the jump rope.

Note: Team members can switch at any time. Only one team member working at a time.

- 200m Sled Push (Team Weight Class)

- 200m Run: The sled pushing team member when tagged will start his run in the direction the sled is currently facing. He will run to each end of the 200m course and back to the backside of the sled.

Note: Before a team member can push the sled they must run 200m. When a team member tags out they must run 200m.

10:00 AMRAP
- 5 Deadlifts (Team Weight Class)
- 5 Barbell Burpees

- Deadlift: Double overhand grip only. Full extension of knees and hips.
- Barbell Burpee: Chest must touch at the bottom. Athlete's entire body must leave the ground when jumping over the bar. Rep starts with a burpee and is complete when the jump over the bar is completed.

Note: One team member can row for calories while the other works at the deadlift and burpees. Partners can switch at any time.