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Scaled Male Teams

Event 1: Lift Off
Details: Teams will have 8:00 for 1 partner to find a 1 rep bench press, and the other partner to find a 1 rep deadlift. Teams will alternate between lifts. 
Score: combined weight of the heaviest lifts.

Event 2: Chaos is a Ladder
Details: 10:00 AMRAP Ladder. Teams can divide the work however they wish. 
Scaled: 1/1/10, 2/2/20, 3/3/30...burpee to a target, knee raises, single unders
Score: total reps

Event 3: Alternating Current
Details: 8:00 EMOM. Partners alternate each minute. 
Scaled: Power Clean, 75% bodyweight for guys, 66% body weight for women.
Score: total reps

Event 4: coming soon!